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Men’s Style Guide | Three Rules on How to Build a Casual Spring Wardrobe

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Daniel Mangadap

The days are longer, the snow is gone, and the birds are coming back. What does that mean? Spring is here! It’s time to put away your winter clothes and start building a wardrobe for the beautiful spring weather.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry – I got you covered. Here are three rules I like to follow when buying pieces for a new wardrobe:

1) Keep it Simple

Brooklyn Beckham (Left) and Kanye West (Right)

      Scott Disick

Don’t buy “hyped” or “one-and-done” pieces that are popular because of its brand name. These include brands like Supreme, Palace, Bape, Billionaire Boys Club (BBC), etc. Streetwear brands are notorious for releasing collections in a limited quantity to create a high demand, over-valuing something that is cheap to make. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy from these brands. I own a couple Supreme and BBC pieces myself, but I bought them because I like the design, it’s comfortable, and it has meaning to me. If you’re new to caring about what you wear, don’t follow the hype, buy what makes you comfortable, and most importantly, makes you feel good.

2) Connection is Key 

When it’s time for some new clothes, I always like to buy to connect. Let me explain a little more. Sometimes, people buy clothes for its individuality. However, this can be a problem if that piece only works with one or two things in their wardrobe. Buy clothes that connect with most, if not all, the pieces in your closet. That way, you can mix and match without having to worry if each piece works well with each other or not.

Example of Muted Colours

The best way to build a connected wardrobe is to stick with simple colour schemes. Stick with blue and black jeans, white and black t-shirts, and white and black sneakers. It’s not a spring wardrobe without a dash of colour. Stay away from saturated colours and go with muted colours. It’s a softer, calmer tone that is easy to mix and match.

3) Fast Fashion Brands are your Best Friend

It’s difficult for people to get into fashion because of how expensive it can be. Brands like H&M, GAP, Uniqlo and Zara are a few examples of fast fashion brands that offer basic and trendy clothes for a reasonable price. Although they do get a lot of criticism from the industry, it’s not difficult to find cool and unique pieces that can fit into your everyday wardrobe.

My personal favourite fast fashion brand is Uniqlo because they offer high quality basics with unique colours. They also work with high-end designers like Christophe Lemaire and J.W. Anderson. Go check out the Uniqlo U 2018 Spring/Summer collection.

If you follow these three rules, building a spring wardrobe will be fun and easy!

What’s your favourite spring clothing? Let us know in the comments!

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