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Men’s Style Guide | Small Style Tips That Make a Big Professional Impact

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Anh Pham

If the job force is always evolving, shouldn’t our style? It’s easy to find a designer suit but what is going to set you apart from the rest? Do you have a story to tell? Say it with your style! It’s the little things that make a big impact. With all of the proper components working together, you’re sure to send a strong message. Here are effortless ways to nail the smallest details of your look from head to toe:

1. Fresh faced.

Achieving a great professional look isn’t just about putting together the right outfit – it’s also about personal grooming. With facial hair becoming more widely accepted in the workplace, it’s important to remember to keep your beard clean cut and appropriate. Maintaining a good grooming routine for your beard is easy and inexpensive. Save yourself a trip to the barber shop and create a seamless grooming routine at home. The key to a great shave is a sharp razor which will prevent razor burn and cuts. Remember, a fresh shave can also be a man’s best accessory.

2. Tie the look together.

Whether or not you have to wear a tie at work, you should embrace this classic accessory. A tie is a great statement piece that can add a bold flair to your office look. A go-to white dress shirt can be a great outlet to experiment with different ties. If you’re wearing a plain white shirt, add a textured tie for a more dimensional look. Textured ties add visual depth and can pull an entire outfit together.

3. Complementary components. 

Jewellery isn’t just for women – it’s a subtle tool for men to set themselves apart too. Small elements like cufflinks convey a sense of completeness for an outfit. Aside from the practical reason that they hold your shirt cuffs together, cufflinks can be a stylish way to show that you pay attention to detail.

4. Step into success.

Omari Hardwick once said, Shoes make an outfit; they’re like rims for a car.” Much like cars, shoes are worth putting extra thought into. It’s important for shoes to be functional, yet stylish. Having a few classic footwear options can really put a pep in your professional step. A common (yet timeless) shoe style that every man should own is the Oxford. The Oxford’s simple yet elegant design makes them the perfect staple shoe. While the Oxford is considered to be a formal shoe, they can also be a great fit for casual Fridays, as they come in a wide variety of colours and materials.

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